• 1995


    Argosy Partners created.


    In 1999 Richard Reid and Jim Ambrose raise Shotgun Fund I through a large Canadian pension fund and business owners.


    First Shotgun transaction completed.


    Shotgun II raised.


    In 2006, Larry Klar joins Argosy Partners to raise The Succession Fund. First Investment made in Succession Fund.


    Shotgun III raised.


    Shotgun II sells last remaining investment. Shotgun III sells last remaining investment.


    Final Shotgun I investment sold and capital returned to investors.

  • Today


    Raising Argosy Partners Investment Fund V.

Argosy Partners is a private investment partnership based in Toronto, Canada. The Argosy team was established in 1995 to provide financial advice and equity solutions to small and medium-sized, owner-managed Canadian businesses.

Over the years at Argosy, we have learned that we can help owner-managers to realize their ambitions of turning small, family-oriented businesses into larger, more professional and financially successful businesses. Instead of charging big fees for providing these solutions, we exercise a partnership approach, investing our own money alongside owner-managers in the form of funds, and steadily building value together.

In 1999, the Argosy team successfully raised Shotgun Fund I and in 2006, we raised Succession Fund I. We have since raised two additional shotgun funds and are currently raising Argosy Partners Investment Fund V.

Our mission is to invest in strong owner-managers of promising small and medium-sized Canadian businesses. We strive to accomplish this goal by buying the shares of departing or selling shareholders, and entering into a new partnership arrangement with the remaining owner(s), who work with us, not for us.

At Argosy, we share several important traits with the owner-managers that we partner with:

  • we are nimble and opportunistic
  • our capital is right beside theirs
  • we are suitably patient and impatient to achieve our objectives
  • we are demanding of results
  • we maintain a focus on business growth and building value

These shared characteristics ultimately lead to the success of both our company and the business of our partnering owner-manager.

An “Alignment Agreement” is also introduced to ensure all parties stay focused on the shared objective of building a great business. The journey then begins with the joint preparation of a strategic plan in which we prioritize and bring structure to capital plans and action items, working together to build a team that will steadily increase value.

We take pride in our ability to identify and engage industry expert directors that help us to develop a comprehensive strategy. With a detailed approach in place, we work to identify growth opportunities, to review and mitigate risks, to understand the competitive landscape, to establish and measure operational initiatives and productivity improvements and to eventually pursue a sale of the business.

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